Job hunting in manila “Tips on saving your budget, time and effort”.

6         Have you ever tried looking for  job around manila? if you hav’nt yet, then a big “good luck”! to you. Everybody knows how hard it was looking and searching for job in any places here in the Philippines or even abroad. From the very first step of searching up on classified ads section on the news paper or on the internet using search engine like google or job searching site like and in which are a stressful already, up to updating your resume, up to preparing your clothes for everyday’s interview, up to the job hunting phase itself wherein, you would walk miles and miles from one agency to another company, from one jeepney terminal to another lrt station. Walking under the heat of the sun are like endless. Waiting in line are like forever. Your feet are getting sore and it feels like your wearing a horse shoe. You are literally “wet look” because your sweat are all over your hair, back and armpit. Your smell are getting worse. Your mood are getting bad and you feel like giving up and just wanted to go back home and would be just continue on any other day because you are already tired and about to pass out.. But since you are a Filipino, and you are so determined of getting a job on that day, despite of all the difficulty and tiring process of hunting for job, you will not just quit that easy and you would  finish it until late afternoon wherein, most of companies are already stop accepting walk in applicants. So what makes it even harder than it is sounds like is something that i will tell on the next paragraph. I will tell you about me my cousin’s experience looking for job around Manila and more likely to give you some few tips  and advise like do’s and dont in job hunting in Manila.

Searching Job Online:

So there was this one lame afternoon, Me and my cousin searching for a job on the internet, so i googled the key word “job in manila” then there were tons of results that showed up. job searching site like and are the most common results we came up to. Ofcourse we are expecting a list of  companies hiring for their positions ut rather most of them are names of recruitment firm or known as “agency”. to those newly graduate and dont know about agencies, they are the  people who will help you to find the most suited job and position for you based on your skill, qualification and location. they usually gain profit from the company that hired you or a little deduction or percentage from your total monthly salary so dont worry coz they wont ask any fee’s from you during the recruitment phase.Though you have to beware and be carefully observant around if there’s something not right happening because, there are some agencies who are not trustworthy and will ask you for payment and fee’s even without having assurance for a job contract yet. (will discuss this matter on next paragraph.

Time management & preparation:

Early at 5am in the morning we raise up from bed, finished our breakfast by 5:30 and bath done by 6am. In 10 minutes, i was ready to go but my cousin’s hair, makeup and cloths fitting had took her almost 30 minutes long so i had no choice but to wait for her then we left the house at around 6:30am. while walking going to jeepney station, i ask her if she already has her resume printouts and 2×2 photos ready, and she answered me “no’ with a big smile and i was like “she’s incredible”!. So we had to stop for a while at the printing cafe just to have her resume printed out which took us like 15 minuites more and then after, we had gone to  photo studio to have her 2×2 photo taken which took us another 20 minuites more. After everything we did, It’s 15 minuites before 8am when we had to rushed ourselves to go to the fx terminal that will bring us to cubao which is our final destination. but before that we had to buy a bottled water which is the one of the most essential thing to have while on travel in order to avoid dehydration and replenish the water you loss during perspiration due to hot weather. The fx drop us at farmers cubao and from there we had to look for a comfort room because my cousin had to pee. i was like  “here she goes again”!. we almost wasted so much time on things that should have done ahead of time. Afterwards, we begun searching the exact address where the office is located at. And by around 9 am we had arrived at the  office named “Alpha link global” so i told my cousin to immediately go in and present her resume at the front desk. I waited for her outside then not too long after she go out of the office and told me that the agency told her that it was a bpo recruitment agency and has no position for office staff to offer for her. since my cousin doesn’t want to be in the bpo industry, we decided to have our lunch for a moment then go to our next destination afterwards.

Agencies in Cubao:


Since the first agency that we had gone to is only for applicants who is willing to be in the bpo industry (though their ads on the internet tells different) we had to go to another agency which is also in located in farmers cubao not too far away from “Alpha link global” where we came from first.  It’s name is “MLF Manpower company”. The agency offer many positions from janitor to office staff and ect. as written on their ads on the internet. So we found the office and what we saw outside is a bunch of applicant waiting in line and for their name to be called. Me and my cousin fell in line and had some chat with other applicants in order to kill the time. One of the applicants told us that they had been waiting for very long already by the time we arrived. He said that the office requires every applicant to had their medical exam first even without an assurance  for a job contract yet. So the catch is that every applicant had to pay for the medical exam fee’s of 950 pesos as the very first step of their recruitment process. I’m not sure, but i thought medical exam always comes as the very last part of the recruitment process in any company. Having hearing that, Me and my cousin had a second though of proceeding with our application and decided to leave and just go home, and probably continue the job hunting on another day.

Travel via LRT/ MRT:

A few weeks after, Me and my cousin decided to go to makati since most of the agencies offices are located there, either in ayala or buendia as what we saw on the internet. We submitted our resume via job street and indeed, then a day or two, we received their text message inviting my cousin for an interview on their office. the good thing about it is that the two agency who is inviting us for an interview is on the same location so we can go to the other agency after the other without the hassle of going back and forth to different places which could cost a lot on your budget. So all the way from antipolo, we traveled and had decided to rode the MRT line transit in order to avoid traffic and get there on time. Im not sure when was the last time i rode a train via LRT/MRT, but what im sure of is that it was before the new ticketing system has implemented. IMAGE_AUG172015_UNTV-News_LRT_JUN-ABAYASo upon arrival at the MRT cubao station. We fell in line to the ticket vending machine to buy a single journey ticket. And when it was my turn to use the machine, i was shock by it’s new look. It has an LCD touch screen where you have to press and operate it on your own and insert your coin or bills into the cash slot. its very much different from the old machine i used to operate before wherein you only have to press buttons that has an equivalent destinations and prices for each. So Me and my cousin took so much time operating the machine since were just getting use into it as it was both our first encounter to the new machine. We took even more time because the machine keeps on rejecting my coins so you have to reinsert all the coins you had previously inserted and start the transaction all over again. After three attempt, we made it, and im sure the people in line were like “finally!” (hahaha.) 19906891743_1aee1941f3_b

So we got our ticket. and its time to use it in order for us to pass through the rail machine. The rail machine looks very much similar than the old one but when it\s my turn to get through, i was not able to pass through the rail because i was using my card the wrong way. my cousin suggested to try  flipping the card back and front and still didn’t work. fortunately, a security guard told us that were sweeping the card on the wrong sensor. instead, it should be sweep on the first glass panel and not on the on the panel that displaying the arrow sign. So afterwards, we had successfully able to get in. On the terminal where all the passenger waits for the train and where the train stop to fetch the passenger, the terminal is divided into three parts. One for Male passenger, other one for Female and another one for senior citizens. since my cousin dont want to separate from me, she decided to go with me along with all the male passengers were at. The train arrived and i was not anymore surprise when i saw the train was fully loaded with passengers inside every train. the door opened and we were rushing to get in because there were a lot of passenger that needed to get in even though passengers inside the train were almost skin to skin and five inches close on each others faces and i could even smell their breaths and odor. Whats even worse is that the air-conditioning system of the train is not anymore effective due to so much number of passenger inside so i was sweating the entire time while standing until we drop off to the buendia station.

Agencies in Makati:

18678782_1293896977346346_2081671188_nSo we had arrived in makati. the “Maximun Solution” office is our destination and it is located in Buendia which is near or walking distance from the MRT buendia station. We search the 395 accelerando building where the office is located at. most buildings along side are very identical to each other so you have to check each buildings name. After we had found the building, we enter and the guard lead us to the 4th floor where the “Maximun Solution” office is  located at. It was lunch break when we arrived and we have to wait until 1pm for the office to resume. While waiting we had some chat with some other applicants. A guy shared his experience seeking job in cubao and we found out that he also had the same encounter with agencies who is asking applicant to pay for medical fee’s of 950 pesos even without the assurance of getting hired yet. But what more shocking is that it was a different agency he was talking about aside from the agency that me and my cousin encountered few weeks ago. Therefore, we discovered that there are really more agencies who do this kind of recruitment and not only one. Im not sure about their way of recruitment but defenitly its not right that you let your applicant pay and undergo medical exam without the having undergo the final interview  or final screening process directly in the company that would hire them. because in case the applicant failed to get hired, the money that these applicant supposedly for seeking job on the following days had already spent on the medical exam which supposedly the last part of the hiring process.

So what happened at the “Maximun Solution” are interview and a little exam. there are only few applicants that day so we finished early. My cousin told me that the office will email her once they found the most convinient location of work that is near around her home address. So we decided to go home and  since we our MRT experience is not very good. We decided to take a bus instead going to cubao but since it was traffic at edsa at around 4:30pm. It took us almost an hour of travel form buendia to cubao. and from cubao we took FX going to antipolo and finally were able to get back home by around 7pm.



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