The Old Times

Every now and then, we meet new people, enemy, aquaintance or friends along in our lives. Sometimes we would have a good and bad memories with them and we wont even care or even notice that these moments are the moments that would leave us a nostalgic feeling in the future like 10 or 20 years after. What i am exactly talking about are those old memories and good moments that we had with these people that we met and had a beautiful memories with  10 or 20 years ago. Those people i am  talking  about are most likely to be our high school or college friends which we used to call as our “barkadas” or “tropa”, or those of our old neighbors before but now not seeing each other anymore, or our  chilhood best buddy whom we’d spent our childhood memories with. And by reading this far, you mabe now asking what i am trying to point out here? I hostly not quiet sure but what i am sure about is that i am not the only person who have felt this strange feeling that i am feeling right now. Maybe some sort of like a “nostalgic” feeling as i mention earlier. The feeling you just suddenly felt while on a ride going home from a reunion party of  your old classmates or just a simple get together with your old group of friends which you just had attednded to, and you noticed that the”barkada” is not anymore as complete as it were 10 or 20 years ago. Sounds so sad right? well here’s the whole scenario.


260140_154660374603351_1137760_nOne time or some few weeks ago, i was invited by an old friend name Leo, which also happen to be  my classmate in college in year 2012 whose now migrated to Japan, to go to a house party to have a small celebration for his younger brother who had just graduated in college.. The old “barkadas” was expecting to attend the said party. So i was excited and expecting to meet all of them after not seing each other and not having a get together after a quiet long time. Well even though i am an introvert type person, i was able to overcome my shyness and atleast improve my interpersonal relationship with other people all through out time that i was with them. Especially during college years wherein they used to be the only peer that i get to be comfortable getting along with. They are the craziest gang ive ever met, we had a great laughter and make fun of our succsessess and failures in career and college life. But to be honest, i dont  really like them at first because, i thought they were too happy go lucky and too chill or lazy type of people to be my first closest peer in college because i am worrying that they could affect my performance  in school and eventually influenced by them. But eventually i get to know them more and and discover new things from them,  i’ve learnned a lot of things that an academic school didnt taught me and it was surprisingly awesome. We get to see each other everytime that we have to do practice something like a presentation, stage performance or small film making for the school project. Most of the time, our meeting place was happening in one of our classmate’s house named “Leo” since her house was then most convinient, accomodating and more accecible to everyone. It was also the same house we conducted every christmas, brithday party, and sucsessess celebration just like when we pass the Licensure exam. The friendship that had built through time was witnessed by that house. and everytime i go back to that house, it always brings back happy memories with them.

Sadly, there’s nothing stay till “forever”, as they said “walang forever” some people had to say goodbye, some had to  leave, some had to settle down, some had to pursue their dreams and go abroad. However, some would stay but too busy from their work. Then i just realized the sad truth that things wont ever be the same again as it were before. I, mean we need grow, and sometimes, you have to let go just because you are not gonna be a part of their growth.

254235_154660324603356_3590236_nGoing back to the party that i atteded to, which happened to be the same house that our barkada used to be a meeting place during college. So while on my travel on the way to the party, I look around the familiar places we’ve been to. I saw the house and it was pretty  much the same as it were before but what is missing are the people. I notice that not everyone is present and only few people from the barkada had attended  the party. I’ts different now, but still we had a great night of laughter and sharing of each other’s journey after we’d graduated from college. we had drunk a little, unlike before werein we used to get drank until were all crawling on the floor so we had no choice but to sleep over at that house until morning. Afterward, the party has ended, it,s already late at night when i leave the party. i can see the longing in every “goodbyes” and “till next time” greetings on each other while were separating.  As i travel going back home, everything was a flashback of memories of the past. i felt so “nostalgic” that moment while on a ride and the scene was so pleasant.

The happy old days. wish we could bring those memories back again. Hope we meet each other one day and have a good time just like we were before.


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